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P. Seelen Grubbenvorst BV

For over a century now, P. Seelen has been the seamless link connecting growers and clients. During that period, we have grown to become a leading international trading company with dedicated growers in the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, and Italy supplying us on an exclusive basis. Our dedicated network of growers allows us to supply these products on the basis of honest and transparent pricing and quality standards that are perfectly in line with the requirements and wishes of our Western European clients including public markets, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, and processors.

Regardless of whether it’s about loading times, numbers, price or quality, at P. Seelen, our word is our bond, always. We aim for short and transparent lines of communication and the most efficient possible transport. That’s how we deliver added value to our clients and how we build and maintain long-term business relationships. We also feel very much involved with our clients, as you would expect from an authentic family-run business, with strong roots going back over four generations.